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aaaaAAA this looks so good!! The epic moment when Link meets an asleep Fi again ;; a brand new Link to the list

There’s always a price to pay hahaha /weeps

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imnotannoying-navi whispered— ((you literally have the best icon xD))

Thank you ;))) just Link being Link

midnas-hella-fine-booty whispered— Twilight Princess is slowly devouring my social life. I don't understand why,but hey, it's fun.

It was only a matter of time until it swallowed your social life and left you addicted /pats your back

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tinglesgames whispered— So... Did Twilight Princess take your soul yet?

I breathe, eat and drink Twilight Princess

Also the description from my blog says all huehue

If TP Link had an instrument it would be a banjo and you can’t tell me otherwise

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diam0ndcats whispered— I just started playing Twilight Princess again and I appreciate this blog so much more now. 👌

I’m glad you started playing it again, this game should be played at least once a year ahaha thank you~~~

Anonymous whispered— will you marry me?

Let’s go babe x

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